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Walk This Way is the ultimate feel-good 80's rock party, led by the sensational Leilani Kilgore.

Have you ever been shook all night long? Have you given love a bad name? Do you feel like sometimes you're only half-way there and livin' on a prayer? Get your leather jacket on, paint your face, throw your hands in the air and get ready to sing along with some of the greatest music of all time.

Walk This Way showcases the incredible talent of the guitarist and singer Leilani Kilgore, who comes to the stage from the famous Berklee and Juilliard Schools via Nashville, Tennessee. Kilgore is the sort of musicians who makes you feel like you're in the presence of greatness. Equal parts hilarity and virtuosity, her heart-thumping show Walk This Way turns the laughs up to 11 and the volume to 12.


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